DJ Khaled has been recording new music for his upcoming project “God Did” for a few weeks now. The internet went crazy with DJ Khaled announcing that he has new records on the album including two of the biggest rappers in the game Drake & Lil Baby titled “Staying Alive”. There aren’t too many rappers playing in the arena and there can only one other rapper who can “top” those two. Yes if you are thinking Jay-Z you are correct. DJ Khaled took things to the next level by securing a verse from HOV aka Jay-Z for the ‘God Did’ project.

Young Guru is Jay-Z’s engineer and today he shocked the world when he took to Twitter and said “HOV is the greatest of all time. This can’t be debated anymore!!!” referencing the DJ Khaled song that DJ Khaled has been promoting for the last couple of days via Instagram. This is a big thing for hip-hop as we don’t really get blessed with the opportunity to hear new music from the mogul. DJ Khaled confirmed that the album release date for ‘God Did’ is August 26th.

Listen to the song here: – Out Now!

Lenny S was quoted saying “I been in the studio with Jay his whole career” he continued saying “He probably just recited 1 of the best verses ever. Ever”

Rap music needs to get blessed with some new Jay-Z and DJ Khaled is going to be dropping sooner than we think. We will continue to update the story as more details develop. Check back soon for updates.

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