Video: Jay Fizzle – “Dust Town Livin” ft. Big Scarr & Big Moochie Grape

With a skill for development encapsulated in each rap he makes, it’s not hard to see the reason why Jay Fizzle recognizes so intimately with his favorite purple Ninja Turtle, Donatello. Enrolling Large Scarr & Big Moochie Grape as his kindred Memphis natives, Jay Fizzle shares the new video for “DustTown Livin” from his new mixtape, DonaFizzo. The tracks lays the basis for the threesome’s quest for the paper, giving Scarr and Moochie a role as his Leonardo and Rafael with every craftsman’s one of a kind gifts joining to uplift the strength of the group.

A 2 Brothers Film, the video for “Dust Town Livin” tracks down each highlighted craftsman right at home, yet none more so than Fizzle. He keeps his hands full with piles of green on his left side and a messy pizza on his right side as he absorbs the turtle force of the comic book pages put on every last trace of the walls encompassing him. Then, XXL Freshmen Big Scarr pulls up and the scene to a parking garage grill as Scarr gobbles up his verse with a hunger that can’t be held back. Before long, Big Moochie Grape enters the scene as he ventures out from a rare Airstream camper, spitting cash hungry many flexes, prepared to welcome the smoke out and about immediately.

Delivered last month, DonaFizzo finds Jay squeezing his stream into surprising pockets on each heavenly instrumental-including beats from big shots like Bandplay, Ayoza, and Sosa 808-with freak like machismo. With a style roused by his own Lord Splinter, Youthful Dolph, Fizzle’s craving to climb from the drain can be felt in each track. From the arcade lowlife esque “Nike Check,” to the Mission: Unimaginable esque skip of “50 Freaky B*tches” ft. 21 Lil Harold, to the irately flex-weighty “Nothing Into Something,” DonaFizzo hits harder than a hit from Mike Tyson from the beginning to end.

Alongside the mixtape, Fizzle shares new video for the Sosa 808-created champion, “Air.” The Siblings Movie coordinated cut finds Jay Fizzle bringing more smoke than a Memphis rib spot as the video opens on a threesome of dark clad concealed hazards labeling up a crew vehicle prior to splashing it with gas. No matches required, the vehicle ejects on fire at the drop of the beat as Fizzle stirs up the hellfire with touchy streams.

DonaFizzo is the most recent salvo in a bustling year for Jay Fizzle and the remainder of PRE. Jay Fizzle started off the year with reason, sharing “LLD,” a sincere recognition for his tutor Young Dolph. Decorated with lavish harmonies and a star vocal abandon Ricco Barrino, “May Dolph live forever” finds Jay Fizzle uncovering his deepest feelings, the South Memphis local perceptibly close to home when he transfers his appreciation to his tutor for showing him all that he knows: “The manner in which I talk, the manner in which I walk, the manner in which I act, the manner in which I dress/The manner in which I do my thing up in the corner, I gained it from the best.” With over 1.8 million perspectives on YouTube, “LLD” is the initial track from PRE Presents: Long Live Dolph, a collection from the Label which highlights appearances from practically every rapper on PRE, including Key Glock, Big Moochie Grape, Kenny Muney from there, the sky is the limit.

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