Stacey Abrams is an American Politician who is currently running for Governor in the state of Georgia and it looks like her continuous legacy of going against the grain hasn’t changed. Marquise Francis a senior national reporter and producer at Yahoo News caught up with Stacey Abrams and he asked her how she felt about The District Attorney of Fulton County using lyrics to indict rappers such as Young Thug & his YSL Label mate Gunna. In the clip, She disagreed with Fani Willis using lyrics to indict rappers saying that she believed “As someone who believes very staunchly in the First Amendment, I am deeply concerned about any movement towards using a person’s word in their music or their writing as an indictment of who they are.” Young Thug & Gunna are still locked up for the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) without bond since May.

What do you think about Lyrics being used as evidence in criminal indictments.. do you agree or think it’s a violation of constitutional rights?

Watch the brand new clip of the interview here.

Watch Fani Willis stance against using lyrics in court to indict Rappers & alledged gang members.

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