Hip-Hop heads have been eating these last couple of weeks with the number of artists who dropped projects & singles. Today we got a special announcement for all the real hip-hop heads with the announcement of Roc Marciano’s upcoming project with Legendary producer The Alchemist. This is one of the highly most anticipated collaborative projects in some time and it’s a promising release with 2 sides with a total of 14 tracks. The album has guest appearances from Action Bronson, Boldy James, Ice T, & Knowledge The Pirate. Check out the official tracklist & official cover artwork for Roc Marciano & Alchemist’s “The Elephant Man’s Bones” Album dropping 8/26 here.

Side 1.

  1. Rubber Hand Clip
  2. Daddy Kane (feat. Action Bronson)
  3. Deja Vu
  4. Quantum Leap
  5. The Elephant Mans Bones
  6. Bubble Bath
  7. Liquid Coke

Side 2.

  1. Trillion Cut (feat. Boldy James)
  2. The Horns of Abraxas (feat. Ice T)
  3. JJ Flash
  4. Zig Zag Zig
  5. Stigmata
  6. Zip Guns (feat. Knowledge The Pirate)
  7. Think Big

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