PnB Rock’s best friend SwipeGod claims that his baby momma Stephanie Sibounheuang set him up to get robbed & killed

The world is mourning the lost of PnB Rock and many are speculating what exactly happened and lead to his death. Many people are blaming his girlfriend & baby mother Stephanie Sibounheuang for posting their location where he was killed at a Los Angeles Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. Today a new video emerged where PnB Rock’s best friend explains that Stephanie Sibounheuang did in fact setup PnB Rock and he claims that she posted it on purpose.

He explains that she knew that her ex-boyfriend had beef with PnB Rock and that she knew that he was following them on social media. He even post details and shows receipts from PnB Rock and him speaking about Stephanie Sibounheuang’s bad behavior. Watch the video below.

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