Nicki Minaj has finally released her highly anticipated Super Freaky Girl single! Nicki Minaj’s new song samples Rick James classic single “Super Freak” was released with a brand new brand music video which is hands down one of the top 10 music videos of 2022. Nicki Minaj let fans get an early listen of her “Super Freaky Girl” via Queen Radio before she released it on all other platforms such as Youtube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify & etc. Nicki Minaj has not yet released the name of her next album but we are sure she will update us very soon about the release.

The song is one of our Top 50 songs of 2022 and we are sure you will agree after you stream the song. Let us know what you think of Nicki Minaj’s latest single Super Freaky Girl below via the comment section.

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