nicmi minaj super freaky girl music video

Nicki Minaj – Super Freaky Girl – Video Snippet

Nicki Minaj has been shaking the world up with her latest single Super Freaky Girl which was released last week on August 12th. The song has quickly become one of the top Raps since she debuted the Rick James “Super Freak” song on digital platforms and is still making waves with this track which is already in the Billboard Hip-Hop top 10. She also surprised fans earlier this morning with the official release of the “Roman Mix” of the song which is an extended version of the record.

This afternoon she got fans into a frenzy after she announced that the song’s official music video will be coming soon. She also surprised fans with an official video snippet for the upcoming release. At the moment she hasn’t yet given us an official release date for the project, but it could come as early as this week! We will continue to update the story as more details develop. Be sure to come back to stay updated.

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