King Los drops his latest mixtape “Goat Tape 2” with 22 new songs

King Los is one of the best rappers in the game and today he’s back with the release of his GOAT II mixtape. The mixtape has 22 brand new songs and has features from BDot The God, & Kye Thompson. The mixtape is easily one of the best projects to drop this year and is a must-listen for those who crave for quality Hip-hop. Check out the new King Los GOAT Tape II mixtape here.

Listen to King Los’s latest mixtape GOAT II.

King Los – GOAT Tape II – Tracklisting


2. Novacaine

3. Silent Hill

4. Who You Dealing With

5. Goat Radio live caller

6. 16 (Churchill Downs (feat. BDot The God)

7. Love All (ft. KT Music) 8.

Billie Ellish

9. Show Me What You Got

10. What Happened To That Boy

11. 5,4,3,2,1

12. 4 PM In Calabasas

13. Super Gremlin

14. No Friends

15. Goat Radio Interlude

16. Call me Everyday (ft. KT Music)

17. Late At Night

18. Black Beatles

19. Work It

20. Goat Radio Live Caller

21. Fuck It

22. Tried To Wait

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