Is Cardi B about to drop a Nicki Minaj response diss track?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been exchanging blows and throwing shots at each other for the last few weeks. It looks like Cardi B is tired of the back and forth and may be preparing to respond to her arch-rival Nicki Minaj with an official response diss record. Cardi B was seen on Twitter with a rather cryptic message and it seems to be aimed at Nicki Minaj. In the Tweet we are referencing Cardi B was quoted saying “Don’t pay attention…FRIDAY going to be real bad for her …toodles”.

Cardi B preparing for her Nicki Minaj diss?

We all knew that this was coming and we’ve all been waiting on it for years at this point. Be sure to check back tonight at midnight for the release!

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