EST Gee – Backstage Passes ft. Jack Harlow (Official Music Video)

EST Gee has quickly become one of the hottest rappers out of the south and today he continues his run with the release of the music video for his Backstage Passes single. EST Gee dropped his new album I Never Felt Nun at midnight September 16th and it quickly became one of the top trending projects on all streaming apps. Backstage Passes is one of the best projects on the 21 track album which you can stream here.

EST Gee collaborated with fellow Louisville, Kentucky native Jack Harlow for his Backstage Passes single is one of the standout tracks from the project. Watch the official music video for EST Gee & Jack Harlow’s Backstage Passes song here.

EST Gee – I Never Felt Nun (Tracklist)

  1. Have Mercy 
  2. Shoot It My Self (feat. Future)
  3. Hell 
  4. Come Home 
  5. I Can’t Feel A Thing 
  6. Backstage Passes (feat. Jack Harlow)
  7. Both Arms 
  8. Bow & Say Grace 
  9. Blood 
  10. Is Heaven For A Gangsta 
  11. Love Is Blind 
  12. Get Em Geeski 
  13. Sabotage (feat. Bryson Tiller)
  14. Double Back 
  15. I Won’t Let Em’ Kill Me 
  16. Death Around The Corner (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
  17. Get It Going 
  18. Voice In My Head 
  19. Foreva 
  20. The Realest (feat. Jeezy)

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