It seems that Cardi B & Nicki Minaj may have reignited their long-term beef. Yesterday the Internet went crazy Via Twitter when some of Cardi B’s fans started a trend “Shefrap’s 40” & “No Cardi, No Clout” trend causing quite the controversy.  Today Cardi B took to Twitter to respond to Nicki Minaj who is currently promoting her upcoming single “Freaky”. Just a few moments ago Cardi B tweeted a post saying “Clout Demon” which is a slick shot at Nicki Minaj. This is apparent because the definition of a Clout Demon is a person who will shamelessly do or say anything to become more popular on social media. While typical clout chasers have limits, a clout demon has none”. This who situation started after Nicki Minaj posted a sexy picture with the Hash Tag “BarbieTinz”. This is where the drama stemmed from Cardi B’s fast comparing Nicki & Cardi B pictures & videos online.

Check out the Tweets below to catch up.

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