kelis responds to Beyonce sampling her songs with out permission

If you are late to the party, you probably are unaware that Beyonce & Kelis had been beefing. Beyonce moved in silence and never responded publicly to Kelis who heard an interpolation of her music on one of Beyonce’s latest songs titled “Energy” which features Beam. Kelis went to Instagram and spoke about Beyonce & her former producer Pharell Williams using her music without her permission or without compensation and the story quickly went viral. Today we got a muted response from Beyonce who responded silently.

Beyonce’s song titled “Energy” has an interpolation of Kelis’s mega hit single “Milk Shake” and has quietly removed the interpolation of Kelis from the project. Most fans who have heard the original song will surprise when they try to stream the song and the interpolation has been removed and an updated version without it has been added in its place. The song “Energy” is one of our favorite tracks from the album and to be honest it doesn’t sound as good as the original which we just heard when the album was first leaked. If you haven’t heard the original version or the updated version you can click here to hear both.

Hear the original version below:

Let us know which version you like best via the comment section.

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