Renaissance Beyonce


is a worldwide icon undeniably. Her latest album RENAISSANCE came out and broke the internet and her album is doing well and projected to sell 275-315k in its first week. One of the hottest songs on the album titled Thique is a standout single that has tier 1 production from Hit-Boy & LilJuMadeDaBeat. The song itself is nothing short of a masterpiece and is sure to become one of the hottest dance records of 2022. The uniqueness of the ever-changing instrumental combined with Beyonce’s rapping about being “thick” or “Thique” as Beyonce calls it.

The song itself is an anthem for “THICK” women all over the world and we are sure that video will have an official music video for it dropping soon. On user on Twitter was quoted saying “Beyoncé didn’t just make “a” skinless album, she made a 16 TRACK ALBUM SKIPLESS”  and it’s easy to see how with the album containing so many amazing tracks. If you haven’t RENAISSANCE yet you can listen here.

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